It's just you and your keyboard.
Use the source, Luke.

Do you enjoy hearing the clicking of the keyboard as you furiously type out code? The keyboard is the most basic tool in a programmer's arsenal; to master such a tool requires training. Enter SwiftCODE. Prepare yourself, find focus, and dive in.

Play by yourself, or with friends.
See who's swiftest.

Hone your skills in single-player mode. Train to improve on typing speed and accuracy, making every keystroke count. Then, enter the multiplayer fray and challenge up to 3 others in a real-time battle of swiftness.

Try out the syntax of new languages.
Go supersonic.

Play with your favorite language, or try a new one, whether it's object-oriented, functional, declarative, or something else altogether. Type code taken from real open-source projects. Practice the hard-to-reach and quirky characters that the language uses.